Northwoods Legacy Society

Make a bequest to the Northwoods Land Trust to leave a lasting legacy of land for generations to come.

There is a rewarding inventive to join the Society going on now through August 1, 2024!

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Become a Legacy Donor

Making a bequest to the Northwoods Land Trust (NWLT) is one of the finest ways to leave your legacy. Our conservation services are intended to last forever. Through a legacy gift, your love of the northwoods will live on for generations to come through land preservation.

Join the Northwoods Legacy Society by including NWLT in your will or estate plans, or by naming NWLT as a beneficiary of financial accounts such as an IRA or in your life insurance policy.

Legacy gifts are the perfect way to advance the pace and quality of land preservation in northern Wisconsin during this time of unprecedented change. Legacy gifts are the primary way NWLT builds its capacity to protect more land and sustain conservation programs into the future.

A Rewarding Incentive Opportunity!

Join the Legacy Society by returning the intention form by August 1st and you will secure a $500 gift for NWLT from an anonymous donor!

Willa Schmidt was NWLT’s first conservation easement donor in 2003. She has also included NWLT in her will to continue to support northwoods conservation into the future.

Legacy Gifts can include you naming Northwoods Land Trust as a beneficiary in your:


(including real estate & other tangible assets)


(living revocable, etc.)


(or other retirement accounts)

Financial Accounts

(bank, brokerage, donor-advised fund, etc.)

Life Insurance Plan

Charitable Remainder Trust

Learn more about the Northwoods Legacy Society and legacy gift options. Our Legacy Giving Guide includes examples, sample language and helpful instructions.

Please fill out the Intention Form if you have included NWLT in your will or estate. Returning the form results in your membership in the Northwoods Legacy Society.

As a legacy donor, there is no limit to the amount you can leave to a charity such as NWLT. Legacy gifts to NWLT are free from federal estate tax and may therefore offer significant estate tax benefits.

If you have questions or would like assistance planning and directing your gift to NWLT, please contact Ted Anchor, Executive Director at (715) 479-2490 or

Alternatively, you may fill out this online interest form and we will contact you. Please inform us if you have included NWLT in your will or estate plans to be sure your gift can be accepted and your intentions honored.

The Northwoods Legacy Society is dedicated to those who leave a bequest to NWLT. To make a meaningful gift during your lifetime, such as a required minimum distribution from an IRA, visit our Support page.

Northwoods Legacy Society Members

members who have left a bequest


Carl Anderson

Sybil & Howard Holtzer

Luida Sanders (via Charles A. & Ida C. Sanders Northwoods Memorial Fund at the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin)

Dale Druckrey (via Dale Druckery Fund at the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin)

members who plan to leave a bequest

Anonymous donor (9)

Beverly Engstrom

Katharine M. Hartley

John W. Huppert

Don H. & Sue A. Kratsch

Durinda Kuczor

Camille W. Maurice

Michael & Karen McFadzen

Nancy L. Nebgen

Jim & Joy Perry

Sarah E. Perry

Bryan Pierce & Gail Gilson Pierce

Bill Reardon

Meta Reigel Brandt

Willa Schmidt

Jack & Judy Terreberry

Tom Turriff

Guy & Janice Vitello

If you return a legacy pledge form, you’ll be an official member of the Society, and your name will be listed here.


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