Land Protection Agreements

Walters-Kartman 014Voluntary Land Protection Agreements (Conservation Easements)
A land protection agreement is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and a land trust to permanently protect a property’s natural characteristics by limiting how it can be used. A conservation easement is the legal document linked to the deed that details the agreement. The land remains private property, but it can only be developed to the extent specified in the easement. The land can be sold with the easement in place or passed down to heirs. Unlike deed restrictions and covenants, a land protection agreement comes with a stewardship commitment from the land trust to annually monitor the land and ensure that the easement’s terms are carried through into perpetuity.

*NOTE: Special enhanced federal income tax benefits were made permanent at the end of 2015 for any conservation easements donated in 2015 and beyond! Contact NWLT for details.

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“Our vision is hopefully that the future
will look more like the past.
This is our legacy. This is important. We don’t have any kids, so
this is what we have to leave behind for future generations.

– Sue Kartman and Cindy Walters, donors of a Price County conservation easement
with NWLT Executive Director Bryan Pierce and President Mary Schwaiger.