Land Donation

DuganSignDonating land for conservation leaves a legacy that lasts long after we’re gone. Some prefer to donate land in their wills, while others donate their property up front to take full advantage of income and estate tax deductions.

Land donations are good options for conservation-minded landowners who prefer a simple transaction, who no longer want to be responsible for managing their property, and who wish to make sure the land is protected permanently.

The donation could also take the form of a reserved life estate. The property can be donated up front, but you reserve the right to live on the land for the remainder of your lifetime.

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“It makes us feel really good to be able to do something for posterity, to know that it will be protected in perpetuity. Life is finite. The best thing we can do for our children and grandchildren is to leave them wild space so they can appreciate the beauty of nature.”
– Pat & Sue Dugan regarding their donation of the Dugan Squash Lake Nature Preserve