Buyer/Seller Program

“Sometimes the only way to save a piece of property is to buy it.” – Tim Hagen with Kimberly Kelling bought 98 acres on the Wisconsin River and granted a conservation easement to NWLT for permanent protection.

The Northwoods Land Trust helps to link potential conservation buyers with landowners who are selling their property and would prefer their property to be owned by someone who is conservation minded and ultimately may protect it.

NWLT will work with potential buyers who are interested in buying a property and then protecting it with a conservation easement or land donation.

The Northwoods Land Trust’s program simply hopes to link conservation-minded buyers and sellers, but does not act as an agent for either party. There are no fees for participating in the program. Due to potential conflicts of interest with possible pre- or post-sale conservation easement donations, NWLT does not become involved in negotiations between the sellers and buyers.

Please contact us to find out more!