Consider a Planned Gift

SybilHoltzerAre you considering leaving a Northwoods Legacy for all those who follow?  There are many ways you can help keep the northwooods the northwoods with a planned gift that lasts forever!

Outright gifts, bequests, life insurance, gifts of stocks and mutual funds, real estate both with and without conservation values, and other options for gifting tangible assets can all be considered with your financial advisors.  Legacy gifts can make a huge difference in helping Northwoods Land Trust conserve the northwoods, with positive impacts lasting long after we are gone.

Please download our Northwoods Legacy Brochure for more information on ways to give through bequests or planned gifts.


“We are leaving our nature preserve land and our lake cottage in Wisconsin to the Northwoods Land Trust. We want to know that part of our beautiful lake shoreline will remain natural forever.”  -Sybil Holtzer