Registry Program

Img_3530NWLT’s Conservation Area Registry Program
The Northwoods Land Trust is very pleased to announce the availability of our Conservation Area Registry Program. NWLT currently has over 550 acres of northwoods shorelands, woodlands and wetlands enrolled in the program.

What is a Registry Program?
A land registry program is a unique, flexible option to help private landowners consider how best to conserve their properties. NWLT’s Registry Program is strictly a voluntary agreement between the land trust and the individual landowner. The agreement is nonbinding and may be cancelled at any time by the landowner.

Registering a property with the Northwoods Land Trust is a simple “handshake” agreement that recognizes landowners who are interested in conserving and becoming better stewards of their land.

What does the landowner do?
The landowner simply agrees to cooperate with the land trust in protecting, managing or conserving the property to the best of their abilities and notifying the land trust of any threats that might affect the conservation values of the property. The owner may also notify the land trust in advance of any intent to sell or transfer the property.

What does the Land Trust Do?
The land trust in turn agrees to provide the landowner with technical assistance in setting up long term plans for maintaining or enhancing their property. The program enables a landowner to begin to establish a working relationship with the land trust board members, volunteers and staff, with the opportunity to pursue additional land conservation options in the future.

How does a landowner sign up?
It is very easy to sign up for the program. Property owners can simply call the Northwoods Land Trust and let us know they are interested in the Registry Program.

What happens first?
The NWLT will arrange for a site visit at the landowner’s convenience. The site visit will include a discussion of the landowner’s interests and goals for the property, as well as a tour of the land.

The NWLT representative will record basic information about the land including significant or high quality natural forest communities, shorelands or wetlands. They will document any sensitive plant or wildlife species observed, any scenic or open space values of particular importance to the property, and any wildlife habitat or other conservation values that are featured on the property.

What does the landowner receive?
The landowner will receive a summary of the conservation values that are documented and some recommendations on how to best steward those values for the future. For some areas that have been previously disturbed, there may be recommendations for how to restore sites to a more natural condition.

Maps of the site will be provided where possible as well as digital photos. Much of this information will also be useful in the event a landowner wishes to proceed to more permanent protection in the form of a conservation easement.

In addition, the landowner will receive Northwoods Land Trust Conservation Area Registry Program signs to place on their property. These signs provide public recognition of the interest and intent of the landowner to conserve their property for the long term.

The Registry Program is a win/win situation. The land trust can begin to explore conservation options with landowners. The landowners can tap into technical expertise to help them make better, more informed decisions about the land they love and want to protect.

For more information or to sign up for the Registry Program, contact the Northwoods Land Trust at (715) 479-2490 or